The Link You Followed Has Expired Error In WordPress theme installing

While installing the WordPress theme on a new server I found the following error.

The link you followed has expired.

This is not a single issue, following possible reason can be responsible, i am only talking about the error in new theme installing,

PHP environment setting error.

If you have a new server configured then the possible reason can be for this is PHP environment variable error,

like your post_max_size, is 2M (2 MB). your theme file size is 10MB then it shows this generic error.

so first upload a file in the root directory and check PHP info

echo phpinfo();

Suppose in my i found post_max_size 2MB and other value in less amount,

so what you need to do

find the Loaded Configuration File in the phpinfo()

and change the following parameter

upload_max_filesize to 64M
post_max_size to 64M
max_execution_time to 300
max_input_time to 300

and restart the server hope this will work

Please if this is not working then your problem is different.


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