Small RAM size and setup:di:compile issue in Magento 2

Suppose you have a small amount of RAM & the site is running on Magento 2.

It’s will not create any problem if the cache is enabled, but create a problem when compile, as compilation takes huge memory and storage,

So first check the RAM space by

free -m

it will show memory used & available by Megabyte unit,

if at least 500 MB memory free you can use

php bin/magento setup:di:compile

command to compile, if not then you have to use.

php -d momory_limit=-1 magento setup:di:compile

It’s will help to take unlimited RAM, if RAM not available then from disk space.

If this command not working then you may have a serious amount of small ram or your disk space is not enough.

to check disk space

df -h

and if memory is full then free up some space.

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