Create SSH user access with Virtualmin

Webmin with Virtualmin a strong open Linux hosting panel.
Then mail feature of it user-friendly interface where everything can be handled visually.

Most of today’s framework like Magento 2, Laravel & others need CLI to work. So this can be done by SSH access. But by default, the root user can only get the access.

When you create a used by default the ssh access with controlled access not given to the user. So if you using Virtualmin want to give the ssh access to the user you can follow the step.

First of all, you need to log in as a root user, then go to the  Virtualmin tab. First select website (in my case my website name in my username is : equaltrue

So now i going to assign the ssh to the user.

Now go to System Customization-> Custom Shells. By default, you will found thing like below image where Few things is enabled.

Please choose Custom Shell User below radio button. And enabled user/sbin/jk_chrootssh enabled and also select ssh in access section like below.

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