.htaccess debug in php

Sure. Create this sort of .php file (echo.php): <?php phpinfo(INFO_VARIABLES); ?> Add this rule in .htaccess: RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !echo.php RewriteRule .* echo.php?ua=%{HTTP_USER_AGENT}&https=%{HTTPS} [L] Add more parameters if necessary. Now call any URL and check the output (the GET parameters should be on the top of table). But, TBH, […]

redirect link with space in .htaccess

Example you have a page with space link then you can not redirect it on general way you have to follow this way. You must have to use “” on the link. Thanks on htaccess write Redirect 301 “/My PDF That Will Redirect.pdf” https://forum.equaltrue.com  

Magento 2 Custom Module Grid Data showed but showing spinning

If your custom module data showing but spinner showing all the page. Here my working code <!– Spinner Code –> <item name=”spinner” xsi:type=”string”>spinner_columns</item> <!– Column Section –> <columns name=”enhancemagento_megamenu_columns”> …….. </columns> Right Code should be <!– Spinner Code –> <item name=”spinner” xsi:type=”string”>enhancemagento_megamenu_columns</item> <!– Column Section –> <columns name=”enhancemagento_megamenu_columns”> …….. </columns> […]

Enable Apache Header & Expire

While on setting up Expire code on apache server .htacess to minimize expire error & website speed optimisation, i found that expire extension not install. to install this you need to enable expires & headers of apache modules a2enmod expires a2enmod headers Then reload apache server systemctl restart apache2